8 Surprising Ways to Make a Struggling Relationship Strong

Today we are talking about the best ways to strengthen a struggling relationship.

couple struggling together

All relationships face challenges from time to time.

It’s not reasonable to expect that any relationship will be all unicorns and rainbows 24/7.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t get a lot of guidance on how to deal with conflict and challenges in relationships.

There definitely wasn’t a class in high school for it.

But if you want to be in a strong relationship, it’s necessary to face to the disagreements and struggles in a healthy way.

This doesn’t mean it’ll be easy.

But, whether it’s constant bickering or one big disagreement to overcome, there are ways you can turn it around.

You can use some of these amazing tips to help heal your relationship and feel close to your partner again.


1. Rewind to a Younger You

At some point your relationship was great or you wouldn’t have stayed in the partnership.

Try to draw from those memories you have of when things were going well.

  • Think of who both of you were on your first date.
  • The qualities of your partner that made you fall in love.
  • Relive how your relationship used to be.

If both you and your partner commit to it, you’re bound to return to many of the same feelings to your younger selves.

Use these memories and feelings to remind yourself why you’ll work hard to make you relationship great again.

2. Identify Where Things Went Wrong

Figuring out how to move foward, means finding out where things when wrong.

Ask yourself (and your partner.)

  • What exactly is wrong?
  • Do you feel taken for granted?
  • Neglected?
  • Did your partner lie to you?
  • Is there something you’re doing wrong?

Be clear with each other about what’s coming between you.

Identify the challenge and you can begin to find a solution.

3. Schedule Time Together

In today’s culture, we are constantly “busy” and always distracted.

Many relationships struggle simply because they aren’t spending enough quality time together.

The easiest way to fix this is to block out time on your schedules just to be together.

Turn off the T.V. and put up your phones. Get out of the house and find an advenutre together.

You could also play a board game, go see a movie or simply take a walk in the park together.

The activity itself doesn’t really matter, it’s about the time spent paying attention to each other that’s important.

4. Find Forgiveness

A big issue that challenges many relationships is resentment.

It’s a sneaky feeling that can build up over time.

It’s important to choose to forgive one another on past wrongs, in order to move forward and learn to love each other deeper.

If you can’t let go of the bad feelings, the times that you felt wronged and purposefully hurt, it’ll eventually become too much to bear.

Forgiveness is a choice you must make for yourself and your relationship.

If you absolutely cannot forgive, ask your self why. And if it’s still worth continuing the relationship.

One of the secrets to a lasting relationship is a strong ability to forgive quickly.

5. Go on a Trip

Magical things can happen when on vacation or going on a special trip.

Why not plan a trip together to a place that’s exciting for both of you.

Create new and positive memories together to help build up your relationship.

Get out of your current routine and away from home. It’ll be easier to reconnect with one another.

A fun trip is a healthy way to bond and grow together.

6. Find Compromise

Even in the best relationship, not everything is going to (or should) go your way.

A partnership requires a lot of compromise.

In fact, compromising is a life long skill you’ll both need to develop, to sustain a positive relationship.

It’s not always easy to do or learn, but it IS worth it.

It’s important to keep in mind that we all have our own preferences, but can’t be met ALL the time.

Unfortunately, it’s just one of the few disadvantages of being in a relationship.

7. Avoid Calling it Quits too Soon

A common and unfortunate belief many people have, is that a good relationship should be such hard work.

It’s just not true!

The early stages of a relationship should be pretty easy. Everything is exciting and fresh.

Both people are on their best behavior.

However, as time marches on things start to become harder.

Conflicts arise, arguments can start.

How hard your willing to work to have a good relationship is entirely up to you and your partner.

If both of you are committed to fixing is the issues and finding solutions, you can build a strong relationship again.

8. Bringing in a Pros

If you guys cannot see eye to eye, it may be time to get professional help.

Relationship skills aren’t ingrained in many of us in childhood.

They need to be learned and developed.

You wouldn’t rebuild the transmission in your car, you’d get a professional to do so.

Perhaps, you won’t be able to fix your relationship on your own either.

Giving an expert a chance before throwing in the towel could just save your relationship.

It might be uncomfortable, but many effective things are. Be strong.

If you have a relationship, you’re going to have challenging times.

It’s not possible to feel close all of the time. There will be struggles to navigate.

Fortunately, most relationship issues can be overcome if both partners are committed and patient.

Make sure to give your relationship the attention in deserves to help you both heal and thrive.

Building a good, healthy relationship is very important part of a happy, fulfilled life.

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