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Meet Heather

Heather Baker is a seasoned relationship coach and expert who has been guiding individuals and couples on their journey toward love and happiness for over a decade. With an uncanny ability to blend wit, and warmth, Heather has become trusted partner for those seeking to navigate the often turbulent waters of modern relationships.

Having earned her degree in psychology and completed extensive training in coaching techniques, Heather possesses a deep understanding of the human psyche, allowing her to offer insightful and tailored advice to her clients. Her vast experience and keen intuition have led her to develop a unique approach, which she playfully refers to as “relationship alchemy.”

Heather’s expertise extends beyond traditional romantic partnerships, encompassing family dynamics and friendships. She firmly believes that the principles of effective communication, trust, and empathy are universal and can be applied to all aspects of life.

When she’s not busy transforming lives, Heather enjoys spending time with her loving partner, two children, and their precocious cat Munster.