Fun and Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Are you looking for some super simple date night ideas for married couples? Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that date nights have to stop! Here are our favorite romantic date night ideas for married couples.

romantic date night ideas for married couples

Now, more than ever, it’s important to find ways to connect with your spouse even when you’re busy and feel like you don’t have the time. 

Luckily for you, all you need is a little bit of creativity and some fun and simple ideas to create a truly epic date night that you’ll both remember and cherish forever. 


What do married couples do for fun?

This is where the stigma of married life needs to change!

There are so many things that married couples can easily do for fun.

Thinking up fun date night ideas are just one of the ways that you can add in a little bit of excitement back into your daily married schedule.

Sit down and talk to each other and find out what to do together.

You just might be surprised at what your spouse considers fun and wants to try!

Since you’ve been married, when’s the last time that you really threw caution to the wind and did something wacky with your spouse? 

How often should married couples go on dates?

There isn’t really a set number on how often married couples should go on dates. This all depends on your time and availability and finances.

The majority of married couples would like to try to see themselves going out together at least once a month and those who dream big might even try for a date night once per week.

One of the varying factors could easily depend on whether or not there are children at home to care for as well.

Having kids might make the date nights a little bit less but still totally doable. 

Is Date Night important for couples?

Yes, date night is actually extremely important. It’s a time for married couples to sit down, talk, and just be together to learn about the other one’s days.

It’s time to forget the stresses of the day and just be together, without interruptions. And even more than that, it’s a time to rekindle the romance that might be put on the backburner all the other days out of the week or month.

Fun and Romantic date night ideas for married couples

These date night ideas are really, really simple to do. And the best part?

They take minimal planning, time, or effort!

Who says that date night has to be something that is planned for weeks in advance?

Last-minute date nights can totally be a thing. 

Dinner and a Netflix Binge

Not quite the same as “Netflix and Chill”, but you probably get the idea.

Grab some takeout or order delivery from your favorite restaurant and turn on Netflix for the night. Just be prepared for whenever it asks that annoying question – “Are you still watching?”

Yes, even Netflix can be judgmental during date night! 

Take a hike on a local trail

Going for a hike is a great date night activity.

It’s especially cool if you can plan it and time it to where you get to hike somewhere high up and sit and watch the sunset.

Don’t forget to pack some light snacks and wine.

Hiking is always a great pairing with wine. (You don’t even have to pack wine glasses – just take turns sipping from the bottle!) 

Dinner Hop Around Town

It’s no secret that couples, no matter how long they’ve been married, can never agree on where to go to eat.

On your next date night, why choose just one place? 

Have each person write down 2 of their favorite places to dine and then go to all of them for some food.

You can easily order an appetizer from each one and feel perfectly content and full by the time you get through.

And how many other people can honestly say that they ate at 4 different restaurants during one simple date? 

Rent a hotel room and get out of the house

Sometimes, you just need to get away from home.

That doesn’t mean that you have to go crazy and book a week-long trip (although, that sounds nice, too!) but it does mean that you can easily rent a hotel room and just get a quick getaway from your current everyday surroundings.

It’s simple to do, it’s affordable, and you can literally order room service and not have to lift a finger.

Just pack up your PJ’s and hit the road because you’re about to have a fun night watching hotel cable TV, hanging out at the hotel pool, and just reconnecting with the one that you love. 

As you can tell, thinking up various date night ideas for married couples doesn’t have to be complicated.

There are so many things that you and your spouse can easily do. Make certain that whatever you choose to do for your date, that you’re both on board and ready to have fun.

You might as well make the most of your date night since they only seem to happen every once in a while. 

Do you have any other fun date night ideas for married couples? Drop a comment with your favorite date night idea!!

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