25+ Creative Halloween Date Night Ideas

Today we have some fun Halloween date ideas! From creepy and spooky, to cute and romantic, you are sure to find the perfect Halloween date night idea for you!

Halloween date ideas

Halloween is the one time of year you can be free to be whoever you want to be and celebrate without judgment.

It’s a time when you can dress up in outrageous costumes, eat all the candy you want, and party with your friends.

If you’re looking for some fun and unique Halloween date ideas, here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Go Trick or Treating Together

This is a classic Halloween activity that can be a lot of fun if you do it with your significant other.

Dress up in Halloween costumes, go door to door collecting candy, and have a blast being silly together.

It’s way more fun if you are dressed in a couple’s costume.

Coming up with a creative matching costume set is half the fun!

couple snuggling watching movie

Watch a Scary Movie Marathon

If you both love horror movies, why not spend Halloween watching as many scar horror films as possible?

Netflix has a great selection of Scary movies to choose from, so get comfortable on the couch and prepare to be scared!

Plus, there are few things more romantic than snuggling up during a horror movie.

Your partner’s arms will feel safe and cuddly.

Have a Halloween Themed Dinner

Whether you cook up some Halloween-themed recipes or order in from your favourite restaurant, spending dinner together on Halloween is definitely a fun date night option.

Try eating in the dark with just a few dimly lit candles and some spooky music playing in the background for an extra scare!

Visit a Haunted House

If you’re feeling brave, why not visit a haunted house together?

This is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you both love a good scare, it could be the perfect Halloween date night. Just be sure to hold onto each other tight!

You can usually find pop haunted houses a month or two before Halloween. So take a quick search to see if there are any good ones in your area.

couple picking pumpkins together

Go Pumpkin Picking

Another classic Halloween activity is picking out pumpkins to carve jack-o’-lanterns.

Head to a pumpkin patch together and pick out the biggest and best pumpkins you can find.

Or grab a couple and make it a pumpkin carving competition.

Then, get creative with your carving and have fun making spooky faces you can display on Halloween night!

Decorate for Halloween

A fun Halloween time activity is decorating your house or apartment for Halloween.

If you don’t have any decorations, take a trip to the store together and buy some spooky Halloween items.

Then, come home and get to work putting up your Halloween display!

This is a great way to spend some quality time together and get into the Halloween spirit.

Go on a Haunted Hayride

Hayrides are a great way to enjoy the autumn weather and spend time together.

You can usually find hayrides at fall festivals or pumpkin patches.

And if you’re lucky, you may even get to see some beautiful autumn foliage while you’re on the ride.

To make it special pack up a thermos of hot cocoa and bring a blanket to snuggle up in.

Visit a Take a Walk Through a Haunted Forest

This is another one for the brave couples out there.

If you live near a forest or nature reserve, why not explore it together on Halloween night?

Just be sure to bring a flashlight and watch out for any ghosts or goblins!

lady reading tarot cards

Check out a Local Psychic

For a more unique Halloween date, visit a local psychic or palm reader together.

Or get your tarot cards read.

You can find psychics in many towns and cities, or you can even search online.

A lot of them offer readings via Skype or over the phone, so you don’t even have to leave your house!

Get your fortunes read and see what the future holds for you and your partner.

You never know, it could be very interesting!

Go Apple Picking

Fall is the perfect time to go apple picking!

Head to a nearby farm with your partner and fill up a basket with fresh apples.

Once you’re done, you can bake a pie or make some homemade applesauce together.

couple warming hands by bonfire

Have a Bonfire Date

Gather up some wood and build a fire in your backyard (or at a nearby park).

Make some s’mores, tell scary stories, and snuggle up close to your date as you enjoy the warmth of the flames.

It’s a great way to spend a cool autumn evening together.

couple star gazing on Halloween

Go Stargazing

Another of my favorite Halloween date ideas is spooky stargazing!

The clear night sky provides the perfect opportunity to spot some of the constellations.

Bring a blanket and lie down together to enjoy the view.

This works really well if you have a truck you snuggle up in the back of.

Make sure to pack some goodies to drink and snack on.

Go on a Ghost Hunt

If you’re feeling brave, go on a ghost hunt together!

Visit some of the local haunted spots in your town or city and see if you can spot any ghosts.

This is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Ghost Tour

If you’re lucky, your town might offer ghost tours! This is a fun way to learn about the local history and maybe even see a ghost or two.

At the very least, they’ll share ghost stories about real events in your town. It’s a good Halloween date idea for those history buffs out there.

couple on corn maze date

Corn Maze Date

This is a classic fall activity that can be really fun (and challenging!) to do with your partner.

See who can make it through the corn maze first, or work together as a team to solve all the puzzles.

Either way, corn mazes are perfect for Halloween dates, and they’re bound to be a fun time!

Visit a Halloween Carnival or Festival

Carnivals and festivals are a great way to spend time together and get into the Halloween spirit.

There are usually plenty of activities to keep you busy, like rides, games, and pumpkin painting.

couple dressed in Halloween costume

Get Dressed up in Costumes and go out Dancing

This is a great option if you’re looking for something more low-key.

Dress up in your favorite Halloween costumes (or make some new ones!) and hit the town for a night of dancing.

You can go to a Halloween party or just go out to your favorite club or bar.

No matter where you go, you’re sure to have a spook-tacular time!

Have a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A Halloween scavenger hunt is a great way to get outside and explore your city or town.

This is a fun activity you can do with a group of friends or just your partner.

You can make a list of things to find such as a black cat, a jack-o’-lantern, someone dressed in a costume, etc.

Or you can hide little Halloween treasures around your house or neighborhood for your partner to find.

Either way, it’s a great way to get into the Halloween spirit and have some fun!

making Halloween crafts

Make Halloween-Themed Crafts

Get into the Halloween spirit by making some festive crafts together.

You can make pumpkin paintings, carved jack-o’-lanterns, or even Halloween-themed decorations for your home.

It’s a great way to spend some time together and get creative.

Make Halloween-Themed Treats

Get into the Halloween spirit by making some festive treats together.

You can bake Halloween-themed cookies and cupcakes, or even make your own candy!

Couple in Halloween costume on date

Have a Spooky Halloween Couples Photo Shoot

Dress up in your Halloween best and have a spooky couples photo shoot!

This is a great way to capture some memories of your Halloween date and have some fun!

You can even use them as your Halloween cards or decorations.

And even make it a yearly tradition.

couple dancing at Halloween party

Go to a Halloween Costume Party

If you’re looking for a more social Halloween date idea, why not go to a Halloween party together?

Dress up in costumes and dance the night away with your date!

You can even play Halloween-themed party games or go trick-or-treating together.

No matter what you do, you’re sure to have a blast!

Drive in Scary Movie Date

This is the perfect date idea for horror movie fans!

Head to your local drive-in theater and enjoy a scary movie from the comfort of your own car.

This bring scary movie watching to a whole new level!

Make sure to bring plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you fueled throughout the movie.

And if you get scared, just hold onto your date tight!

couple handing out Halloween candy

Hand Out Candy Together

This is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit and do something good for your community.

Dress up in costumes and hand out candy to all the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood!

It’s a great way to have some fun and spread some Halloween cheer.

Do you have any other fun Halloween date ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!

Visit an Amusement Park during their “Fright Night”

During the Halloween season, many amusement parks have nights where they offer special Halloween activities, like “fright night.”

Fright Nights are a great way to get your adrenaline pumping with your date.

Most amusement parks have special events during Halloween where they transform the park into a spooky place with haunted houses and mazes.

It’s the perfect place to get your scare on!

And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to snag some discount tickets.

So keep your eyes peeled!

couple dressed as zombies

Go on a Zombie Crawl

What’s more fun than a pub crawl? A pub crawl dressed as a zombie!

This is a great way to have some fun and get into the Halloween spirit.

And if you’re looking for an extra challenge, see how long you can last without getting your “zombie” makeup smeared.

Private Costume Show

Of course, if you’d rather stay in and enjoy some alone time together, you could each find some more “personal” Halloween costumes and have a sexy costume show.

For just each other. It’s a great bedroom date idea.

It’ll lead to more fun and a great way to spend Halloween date night.

Read a Scary Book Together

This is the perfect date idea for horror fans! Cuddle up together and read a scary book.

You can even take turns reading it out loud to each other.

Make sure to turn the lights off and read by a fire or some candlelight.

Set the mood with some cozy blankets and tasty snacks. Add some wine to create a romantically spooky night!

And if you get too scared, you can always hide behind your date.

And those are our favorite Halloween date ideas! What’s your favorite way to spend Halloween night as a couple?

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