Stay at Home Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Today we are talking all about the best stay at home date night ideas for married couples!

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Once you get married, the “trend” tends to be that date nights start to slow down after a while. But why is that?

Who says that married couples can’t still officially “date”?

In fact, just because you’re schedules start to get busy or don’t quite align up like they used to, there is still some really awesome stay at home date night ideas for married couples to be able to do. 

If you’re limited on time or funds, it’s time to branch out and start having your date nights at home.

After all, it’s not really about where you’re going or what you’re doing but who you’re spending it with, right? 


What Can Married Couples Do for Fun at Home?

So many things. All the things, actually. When you think of your home, it’s your safe space. It’s the place that you hang out and have fun together every single day.

So just take it a step further and turn your home area into the perfect date area as well. 

Before choosing something for a date night at home, look around and see what you have that you can use.

Check out your board games, your movie collection, your food situation, and don’t forget the beer or wine and then make a plan on what you can use at home and what you still need to go out and buy. 

How Can I Make a Romantic Night at Home?

Romance can happen anywhere but when you’re at home, it’s really quite simple.

Gather up some candles, a snugly blanket or two, and some finger appetizers and create an inviting space on the couch to sit down together and chill.

There’s nothing more romantic about a space that is welcoming and snugly. 

How Can I Be Romantic With No Money?

It happens. Bills happen, life happens, and suddenly your date night funds are depleted. But just because you’re low on money, don’t let it stop the date nights. Instead, think outside the box.

Giving each other a back massage is free and doesn’t cost a thing.

Or sitting together and reading a romance novel or rewatching that “When Harry Met Sally” DVD that you own for the 500th time. 

If you’re really wanting to have a stay at home date night and save some extra cash, just look at it in a fun new light and make it happen. 

Stay at Home Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Now that we’ve dived into some common questions that people ask when having a date night at home, let’s look at other fun ways that you can think outside the box and create an epic at-home date night to remember. 

Create a Romantic Dinner Together

Cooking together is really a lot of fun. And there’s something downright romantic about it as well. Stirring the pot and then feeding each other little bites throughout the cooking time is a fun way to be playful and silly with one another easily. 

Make your menu for food items that you want to cook and then head to the store and stock up. You’ll be amazed at how cooking at home and lighting a nice candle for the table can make the ambiance warm and romantic in an instant. 

Work Your Brains and Solve a Puzzle Together

If you’re a married couple that likes to work together and be challenged, why not have a game night date night for just the two of you?

Playing cards and sipping wine sounds pretty dang awesome and is relaxing, too.

There are also fun board games out there where you can play and try to get out of an “Escape Room” so that could always be an idea as well. 

Working together as a team and actually winning is the proof that you and your spouse were meant to be! 

Have a Backyard Picnic

People always talk about having picnics and then hitting the trails and parks but why not just pack up your picnic basket and walk out your back door?

Your backyard is a great place to spread out a blanket and have a romantic picnic right at home.

(It’s also super-convenient for the reason that if you forget anything, you can literally just go right back inside and grab it!) 

Turn on the TV and Watch Something New

Going to the movies is fun but it’s expensive and not very private.

With all the streaming services and devices that we have now, you can literally watch almost anything that you want to at home.

Check out the movies, concerts, documentaries, or new releases and find one that you will both enjoy. 

Make certain to pop up some popcorn and don’t forget the chocolate snacks! Being able to snuggle up together and spread out on the couch sounds like a perfect way to have a date night at home! 

As you can see, you really don’t even have to leave the house to have an epic date night that you’ll both love.

Just take a step back and see how you can utilize your house and enjoy the “long walk to the living room” to get your date started! 

What other stay at home date night ideas do you have? 

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